Teens deal with a lot more pressure than adults. Academics, peers, adolescence, family, social approval, etc. They drown in stress. It further escalates behavioral, physical and psychological problems. It is tough. Parents or guardians need to be the pillar of strength and support during their growing years. Give them direction, the way they need it.  

Unlimited classes and enrichment activities are available. Instead, turn to Martial Arts. Boxing, a form of Martial Arts gives teens and children a safe and controlled environment to help them deal with stress. Through boxing training, they develop a calm and clear mind. They learn to focus and enhance their problem-solving skills. Gradually, reducing stress levels and eliminating negativity.


The question that alarms many is the physical aspect. Why would you encourage your child to pick up a sport that shows combat? Quite a controversial topic. Isn’t it?


8 benefits of boxing for teens.

1.   Teaches Confidence and Positive Behaviour.

       Apart from being a great physical fitness program, boxing instills confidence, motivation, and self-discipline. It boosts self-esteem and leads to positive social interactions. It encourages teens to respect and obey rules. They grow up to become mindful citizens. Though a combat sport, boxing develops good moral behavior. Most teens can better handle troublesome situations and avoid physical disputes. Steven, who won the Ringside International Boxing Tournament in his age group in Kansas City in 2010, says that boxing helps him stay in shape, staves off boredom, and keeps him out of fights at school. “Whenever trouble comes to find me, I learned to control myself.”

2.   Builds Sportsmanship.

Teenagers tend to get agitated over trivial matters. They burst into fights and break up in minutes. Boxing is a sport where your opponent is also your friend. When you win, you don’t lose a friend. It is a sport of two people, but it involves a team. It develops the feeling of compassion. You play for the sport not to hurt anybody. The same applies to life. As you pick combat skill, you learn self-defense. Boxing, in fact, helps you stay out of a conflict.  

3.   Strengthens Focus.

The uniqueness of Boxing lies in the fact that, it clears the mind. To absorb techniques, understand the strategies and wisdom of the art, the mind must be empty of clutter. That means focusing and being aware of their physical surrounding as well as themselves. It develops the ability to concentrate on a task and work towards completion.


4.   Care before Combat.

Young boxers are supposed to wear wrist wraps, gloves, and protective headgear inside the ring as well as during punching-bag work. The headgear covers most of their head and face reducing the risk of cuts and serious injuries. Boxing training teens help in conditioning their body due to the high-intensity workouts. Cuts and wounds in youngsters heal faster as they recover more quickly than adults and seniors. A good boxing gym and coach will teach the right techniques to avoid any dangerous or fatal injuries. Minor injuries? Will happen. That is how you learn.

5.   Boxing is fun.

Teens won’t roll their eyes when we say boxing. It is not a monotonous tuition or enrichment class with the same workout. It is passion driven, fierce and edgy. Teens usually get mad and upset over trivial matters. Boxing gives them an outlet. To get away from that aggression. Leave their personal and academic worries behind for almost an hour, every day. The sport indirectly teaches them to tackle daily life problems.

6.  Feel Amazing.

Teens are highly conscious of the way they look. They may turn to an exercise routine to impress or fit in those skinny jeans. Boxing is more than that. One session and it will shift focus on performance. It will tone your body physically with gradual improvements. It leads to the holistic development of the body and mind.

7.  Tones Your Body.

Fast foods, stress eating and binge eating play catalyst in weight issues. Leaving teens hating their bodies. Besides being a fun skill to learn, boxing is a rigorous full body workout.  It requires high speed, endurance, stamina, the entire strength from your upper-body, lower-body, core, and cardiovascular system. Boxing is an incredibly dynamic workout. A high-intensity workout session can burn up to 1000 calories. Boxing helps rid those fats, Fast!

8. Ousted Mobiles.

The real truth is the mobile addiction. Teens spend hours on gadgets. They turn to their phones the moment they feel lonely, lazy, tired or bored. The virtual world is where they find solace. Boxing is a healthier way for them to learn to connect and interact with others while becoming confident, comfortable and develop a new skill.

Be a better version of yourself. Each day will teach you something new. It is fun. It is ferocious. It is real. It is life-saving.  


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Punch hard. Scream harder!

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