Pack a punch, hit ‘em hard! Numerous combat sports exist, but Boxing as a combat sport is one of the most popular and is practiced all over the world. Over the years the popularity of the game has grown. Fitness fanatics in countries like the United States, Mexico, and Russia turn to boxing as a sport to keep fit. The popularity of classic films like the Rocky series, Cinderella Man and Million Dollar Baby is further proof of the sport’s popularity. With a growing awareness of the importance of exercise, boxing is slowly gaining popularity in Singapore as a lifestyle sport that builds cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


The Preferred Modern Combat and Lifestyle sport

Boxing might appear as an untamed and wild sport where two adults throw punches to knock each other out. However, to appreciate boxing or a boxer, you need to understand the journey. It’s a journey which doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It is a process.

There is a science attached to this ancient sport. It is not uncommon for it to be referred to as a game of chess. Boxing has two sides to it. Technique and Strategy. It is also about conditioning your emotions and manifesting them into physical fluidity.

Many fear injury, but the experienced know. When you have studied your opponent well, half your game is set. It just isn’t about the test of power but also a battle of the minds. Champion boxers mentally prepare themselves before they enter the ring. A calm boxer has a higher chance of winning instead of an aggressive one. The trick is to force your opponent to make mistakes so you can play your game!


Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is not only about self-defense. This sport works on your entire fitness, reflexes, hand-eye coordination and mental presence. The psychological benefits are no less. Those who train regularly, agree it helps them deal with anxiety and stress. It also helps them build confidence and feel good about themselves.

It sounds like much hard work, but on the plus side, it involves lots of cool gear. You instantly look like a lean, mean fighting machine once you wrap your hands and put on your boxing gloves and protective equipment. Once you get a few basics right after some training sessions which usually involve pad-work, sparring and shadow boxing, you have set the foundation for honing your boxing skills. Whether you want to learn it as a hobby or make a career out of it, this is one sport where you can laugh over and still be friends after giving each other a black eye and torn lips.

Among the uninitiated, it is a commonly held myth that boxing is a male-dominated sport. The truth is boxing is for everyone. Females are equally involved in the sport. Boxing cannot promise you a Victoria Secret model’s body, but it does tone your torso and leg muscles. Let us not forget, Laila Amaria Ali, the daughter of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali. She is among the top ten female boxers of all time.

Boxing in Singapore 

In April this year, Muhamad Ridhwan, Singapore’s local Professional boxer bagged the Intercontinental Featherweight (57kg) title at the International Boxing Organisation (IBO) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Fitness programs like Boxing and workouts with Gym Equipments rank among the top 10 Activities for Singaporeans according to


As Singaporeans, we tend to get lazy after a long day. Fret not. There are numerous avenues to pick boxing skills. Instructional YouTube videos are one way to get started. Another way is to walk in into one of the several boxing Gyms in Singapore and enroll for a trial session. Did you know that ActiveSg promotes Boxing too?

Where to learn Boxing in Singapore?

King Of Strength (KOS), a well-known boxing gym located in the North of Singapore.

It offers flexible daily, weekly and monthly sessions at affordable prices. KOS is suitable for all and offers boxing lessons for beginners too. This 

boxing gym trains you in the techniques and fitness required for the sport. KOS has highly trained and experienced instructors who teach you with modern equipment.


Besides KOS, several Boxing gyms located in Tampines, the East, and the West of Singapore offer diverse workout routines. Other avenues to learn Boxing include self-learning through incredible youtube self-help videos on HBO Boxing and Precision Striking. Personal online guides and experienced friends.


Learn Boxing professionally. You will learn the right way.

Hit, but don’t get hit. Join a class. You won’t regret it!

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