With so many new and modern exercises, Push-ups might seem outdated. Some even think pushups are not needed. But for those who have been to KOS Boxing Gym, you guys would have known you dont leave the gym without doing pushups. There might be variations to the pushups to spice your workout, but the benefits remains the same.

Pushups are great to build upper body strength and endurance. You can start of with 10 pushups a day and slowly progress to higher repetitions when strength and endurance has been improved. Chest and Shoulder muscles are being targetted through proper pushups. Not only that, when done with proper form, your core muscles would be activated too! Kill 2 birds with one stone!

There is no shame in not being able to do a clean push-up. You’ll be surprised how many of them who might look good with great physique but can’t do full-range push ups. The video above demostrates how you can progressively do your pushups to increase your strength and endurance!

Start it today! Just with a small number and see how much you can do in 30 days! Comment below if you have any questions!

Signing off with a fist bump,
Coach Kumar

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