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Today we’re gonna look into one of the most attractive muscle, the biceps!
Personally, biceps was the first muscle group I started training. Being someone skinny, biceps are the first muscle that will stand out when you put on a tshirt.

There are many exercise out there to train on your biceps. However, today we’re going to look at the oldest, basic yet most effective exercise. The Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Few key pointers to take note while doing this exercise :

1) Select the right weight.
Heavier doesn’t mean better. You can choose a light weight yet still build up muscle if you do it right.

2) No swinging action.
You should lift the weight with muscles, not using momentum. (If you’re swinging while doing this exercise, time to re-read point 1. Lower the weight.)

3) Breathing Technique
You should breathe out when you’re lifting up the weight & Inhale while lowering the weight. (This is going to be tough the first time, but keep practicing you’ll definitely get it!)


All the best for your next bicep workout! Do leave comments or questions below!
See you!

Signing off while Flexing my Biceps!
Coach Kumar

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