Despite being ranked safer than sports like horse riding, scuba diving, and gymnastics, the visual image of boxing intimidates many. In fact, several countries, like Norway, Cuba, and North Korea, had banned professional boxing. For example soccer and cricket. It is a mighty sport followed by millions. It looks easy, but fractures, ankle sprains, ligament, head and neck injuries do occur. No doubt, boxing can cause minor and major injuries.

The Myths

1. Boxing is a Dangerous Game.

Boxing is a sport, not a game. You do not play boxing. It a combat sport. However, a sport follows a set of rules. Where a certain outcome is  awaited on the basis of an individual’s performance. The Amateur Boxing Association has laid strict safety guidelines for fighters before a bout. Vigorous physical, mental and medical test are performed by experts prior to fights to avoid any kind of mishaps.

 2. Boxing is two people punching to kill.

A first time spectator may assume so. Boxing has a lot of intricacies. When two fighters enter a bout, they come prepared to give their best. They study opponents, their weakness, work on their strengths. It is not a barbaric cage fight. It is close to an exam, the better performer wins. The moment a fighter receives a severe blow or injury, the referee intervenes. The scoring determines the fate of the bout.  

3. Boxers pick fights.

A boxer when will indeed indulge in a fight, for self-defense. Boxers develop self-confidence and clarity while training. They avoid fights. Boxing techniques include defense moves like blocks, ducks, rolls and quick footwork to dodge an offender. Punches are thrown only in dire situations, where an offender needs to know, evil cannot win.

Boxing Injuries:

  • Boxer’s Fracture affects the bones in your hand that run from the wrist and join up with the fingers. Fractures in the nose, jaw, and ribs are not uncommon either.
  • Cuts & Bruises are common. These can occur anywhere. Cuts are rare in amateur boxing as protective headgear is used but more common in the professional levels. Once a wound has been appropriately cleaned and covered, they heal.
  • Concussions occur when a severe blow to the head causes the brain to move around inside the skull. Shocks are among the most severe injuries of all contact sports, usually causing the person to enter a dazed or confused state.
  • Dislocated Shoulder, the sooner it is treated, the less dangerous the effects will be. It requires plenty of rest for several weeks to allow it to heal.



In October 2017, bodybuilder Pradip Subramanian’s sudden death due to cardiac arrest in a celebrity Muay Thai fight hit the news. Thereafter,  stringent actions were taken to regulate medical assessments of fighters before fights.

The key to avoiding any sports injury is to educate yourself on the risks and safety guidelines. For boxing, follow techniques and safety tips. Make sure your headgear, mouth guard, hand bandages and boxing gloves are in place.

Boxing is for everyone.

Boxing is not gender or age biased. Today, as human beings we all deal with the pressure of long working hours, family issues, stress, and depression. Martial arts lets you indulge in interactive and holistic ‘me time’ instead of the bland gym training. It doesn’t matter if you are 19 or 91 as long as there are no significant injuries you can box.

For men, give yourself a break from hectic schedules and divulge in Boxing. Get in the best shape of your lives. With boxing gyms all over Singapore, you are sure to find like-minded people. It is one of the most rigorous and effective fitness activities in today’s time. If you are a father, get that envious dad bod, let your children learn the importance of health and fitness starting from you.

For women,  braid those lovely locks, toss the makeup and get into the ring. It is essential to learn some basic, essential self-defense moves. The right physical techniques and presence of mind can help you stay calm in many difficult situations. Boxing also helps in dealing with PPD(Postpartum Depression). Be the mom you want to be. Be the woman you believe you should be.   

For children, the formative years of a child build the foundation for life. Expose them to environments where they can develop and learn healthy interpersonal and physical skills. Equip them with self-defense skills so they feel safe and stable in vulnerable situations. Boxing techniques focus on eye-hand coordination, the presence of mind, critical thinking and quick responses. This help children deal with school stress and enhance performance.

Physical and Psychological benefits

Boxing helps build strong muscles to support the bone structure. It provides an excellent cardio workout benefiting the heart. It prevents high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetic conditions.

Boxing is not a day’s work. It requires immense dedication and years of training to master a sport. But you may choose your level of involvement. Involve yourself for fun and take the path you wish.

Health heart =healthy body = a healthy mind.

Boxing is not just fighting. It is an art of increasing the human capacity for resolving conflicts in life. Be it of the body or the mind.


Myth Busted. Are you still afraid?

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