We are all running for time. Everything today is on the tip of our fingers. Some things need time, passion and dedication. Like any art or skill, Boxing needs constant practice, perseverance and of course time. Boxing is an Anaerobic Sport. Thus it requires exceptional intensity and focuses while training. One of the main challenges as we learn Boxing is that we limited much time at the gym. As humans, we prefer to get better as quickly as possible. Again, to learn and to master are two entirely separate terms. You may face challenges and mental blocks, but there are no shortcuts to training.

What Boxing Equipment do you need?

Optimize your Boxing sessions. The right training materials can go along way.

  1. Boxing Gloves.

The most essential item. A set of training gloves. They are great for bag work, mitt work, and live sparring. Training gloves usually range from 10oz to 16oz.


Weight Glove
80 kgs or heavier 16 oz
67 kgs – 80 kgs 14 oz
67 kgs or lighter 12 oz
Children (6-12 years) 8 oz


  1. Hand Wraps.

A safety must. Hand wraps protect your wrists from spraining, or worse, breaking when delivering a solid punch. They keep the skin on the knuckles from tearing when you are at work on the heavy bags.


  1. Head Gear.

Invest in a decent Sparring headgear. The padded helmet is essential for boxers who indulge in live sparring. It effectively protects against cuts, swelling, and bruises.


  1. Mouthguard

Get yourself a mouthguard once you start boxing. It comes in handy during sparring and drills. The mouthguard is used to prevent or decrease chances of injury to the teeth, arches, lips, and gums.


  1. Footwear.

Boxing shoes are lightweight and soft soled, allowing swift movements. Sweat evaporates quickly keeping feet dry. They provide traction on the surface you’re training.


Training solo at home.

There are a few more items to add on your list.

  1. Punching Mitts.
  2. Boxing Body Protector
  3. Heavy Bag


Set routines that can condition your body better. Watch self-help Youtube videos.

Keep your the intensity, frequency, and volume of your workout in check. Your body cannot keep up tirelessly every day. Understand what works best. Train in turns. 1 intense day, one light training day. Observe yourself as you punch and move.  

Learn boxing in 10 days. 

Science has advanced enough to understand the human anatomy. We can choose the best for our body. KOS summarizes Boxing training to kick start learning skills in a span of 10 days.

However,  remember no pain no gain.


Day 1.

Introduction and Footwork.

  1. Get familiar with the gym and trainer and boxing equipment. Understand safety requirements.
  2. Work on Stance and footwork: Stand-up Base, Cross Footwork, and Circling.
  3. Learn about foot placement, positioning, body angles and weight distribution.
Day 2.


  1. Understand the fundamentals of boxing punches
  2. Straight Punches, jabs, right cross and 1-2 combination
Day 3.  

Curved Punches

  1. Discover the art of dynamic boxing
  2. Combinations, Hooks, uppercuts and body shots
Day 4.


  1. Basic defense techniques
  2. Blocking, parrying, High & Low Front cover, Rolling, Slipping
Day 5.

Advanced Defense.

  1. Head movements, Neck Pull, Duck
  2. Arm & Hip Balance, Torso tilt, Squat plant
Day 6.

Punch Combinations

  1. The 7 basic combos.
  2. Advanced Combos & Mitt Drills
Day 7.

Counter Punching

  1. Explore the gap between boxing and defense
  2. Optimize Timing and Focus.
Day 8.

Advanced Skills

  1. Improve punching, learn advanced counter punching and defense.
  2. Tips to develop speed, strength, stamina, balance, and reflexes.
Day 9.

Boxing Training

  1. Workout planes that suit best.
  2. Routines to develop conditioning.
Day 10.


  1. Sparring drills and Shadow Boxing
  2. Fight Tips & Strategy


Congratulate yourself if you are willing to go for the eleventh day.

Boxing is a mighty sport. The act of throwing punches round after round, keeping focus and balancing is indeed a daunting task. In fact 10 days, 30 days or a year, it is never enough. You will learn and discover as you train more. The key is to keep improving.

At KOS we strive to prepare enthusiasts psychically and mentally. 

  • Every day give yourself 15 minutes and mentally rehearse your boxing moves.
  • Clear your mind. Focus a 100%
  • Recognize the tension zones in your body. Fluidity in your boxing style makes you unpredictable.
  • Concentrate on breathing and conditioning.
  • Do not get comfortable with your workout.

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