Not only in boxing, in many sports, shoulders play an important role. Let it be for strength, stablility and even endurance, shoulders are needed for great performance.

The shoulder muscle also known as Deltoid muscle has 3 components. Anterior deltoid, middle deltoid and posterior deltoid. Each of it contributes for certain action. For an example, while throwing a Jab, the anterior deltoid plays a major role, while the posterior deltoid works more on the returning of the punch. Therefore, you can work on your weakness through this simple yet effective exercise.

One of the most common shoulder exercise would be shoulder press. We have shown variations for this exercises in this video.

This exercises targets the Anterior & Middle deltoid during the upward movement and targets the posterior deltoid during the downward movement.

Remember to start with lighter weight and watch your form closely to prevent injuries. Breathe out during the upward movment. You can train your shoulder endurance with this exercise by using a lighter weight but higher repetitions (20-25reps). Strength can be trained by using a heavier weight but lower repetitions (3-8reps).

Try this exercise out and comment below if it works for you!

Cheers Guys!
Coach Kumar


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