Enter any Boxing Gym, the first thing you’ll probably learn would be your stance. Not only in Boxing, the Stance is a very important foundation among all martial arts. Most beginners ask me, “How to be a good boxer ? ” My answer has always been, “Master your stance and footwork, you’ll be there. ”

We are going to look into how does the stance play a important role in Boxing.

1) Allows you to be more Powerful

When you have a good stance, your weight is equally distributed. Thus, you’ll be able to transfer the body weight into the punch and give you that ‘Killing Power’!

2) Gives you that stability

Stability is an important element in boxing. A stable boxer would have good control on himself and the fight.

3) Stronger Defense 

Whatever defense you are using such as, Block, Slip, Duck or Creating Distance would need a good stance. If you do any of these without a proper stance you’ll fail. Therefore, stance is the first foundation for good defense.

Let it be an orthodox stance or a southpaw stance, take some time to perfect it and adapt to it. Time invested on your stance will not go to waste!

Signing Off,
Coach Kumar

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