When you welcome an extraordinary person in your life, it changes everything. Your perspective, priorities, habits and more so, how you feel about yourself. Make that extraordinary person: BOXING.

Boxing is a combat sport that emits power through its name. To BOX. The style is an art to master.

Boxing Benefits:


Physical Strength through endurance testing workouts and mental strength through discipline and focus. It may not make you an absolute lean, mean fighting machine. However, conditioning and body toning will give you the power to deal with nasty bulky wannabes in the world without batting an eyelid. Boxing is a sport where size does not matter, a powerful punch is enough to put down a 7 feet tall gangster or animal in self-defence or about.

Punching Prowess:

Boxing is a stand-up strike style sport. It focuses on building potentially fatal punches. Channelling energy from the entire body to the fist. It is indeed a challenging sport. It works the whole body to perform that one killer moves to defeat the opponent.

Burn Calories and Stress:

A person weighing in at 80 kgs may burn 250 calories in 30 minutes by punching a heavy bag. Gradually burning close to 500 calories at the same time as they progress in training. Boxing training is both aerobic and anaerobic in nature, making it an excellent stress reliever.

Hectic schedules, time constraints, budget limitations, travel plans, and well many other interruptions lead to missing a workout session at the gym. Buy essential Boxing Wear and Equipment and get started at home instead.

Boxing Gear:

Investing in right Boxing gear and preparing for your Boxing journey requires a few essentials.

  1. Hand Wraps and Training Gloves

  • Hand wraps protect small bones in the hands from breaking.
  • It secures the wrists from sprains.
  • It keeps the skin on the knuckles from tearing
  • Training gloves or sparring gloves are designed to provide extra protection.
  • They are heavily padded, compared to professional boxing gloves.

2. Footwear:

  • Boxing footwear is permeable, allowing sweat to evaporate.
  • The traction allows you to stand firmly on training surfaces.
  • They are lighter allowing flexibility of movement.

3. Bodywear:

  • Intense workouts may lead to skin rashes. It is advised to buy breathable athletic wear.
  • Women, also, should invest in good sports bras and breast pads for protection.

4. Mouth guard:

  • Protects the soft tissues in the jawline.
  • Secures from bone displacement.

5. Jumping rope:

  • Improves stamina in the forearms, shoulders and leg muscles.
  • Builds speed-endurance    

6. Heavy bag:

  • Boxing bags range from less than 10 kgs for beginners to 80 kgs for heavy hitters.
  • It helps you develop power, timing and a rhythm.

We compiled a list of exercises that will make you feel no less than going through an intense gym workout without stepping out of your door.

How to exercise at home.

Warm-up: Prepare your body for what is to come. 5-10 minutes of slow pace exercises to avoid sore muscles and chances of injury. Warm up exercises can get intense once you start training harder.

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced Training.


Follow a workout routine. No boxing equipment is required. (heavy bags, gloves).

Follow Youtube Home Boxing videos , Boxer Beginner Videos and get started!


  • Jog in place to pump up your blood to your muscles.
  • Jump rope improves heart rate and blood pressure. Strengthens shoulders and arms.
  • Burpees help work muscles in the entire body.
  • Mountain climbers raise the heart rate. Build strength and endurance in the core.
  • Squat Jumps enhance the intensity of your workout, aids in power and mobility.
  • Use a staircase if possible. In your house or building.
  • Practice leg swings, arms circling, and torso twists.


Moving forward. Once your body is ready to take on more. Try these Workouts without the heavy bag.

  • Start with straight punches including back and forth strides.
  • Switch with hops and jumps.
  • Build a rhythm, duck and punch
  • Run on the spot with quick big steps
  • Work on different Combination punches
  • Immerse yourself in intense Shadowboxing

Finish off your home routine with a conditioning set (low-intensity exercises).

  • Push up planks
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Walking lunges
  • V sits & V ups

Relax. Hydrate.

Hope that was fun.



The conclusion is, you do not need to have all the boxing gear on when you work out at home. Nonetheless, training with gloves, heavy bags and punch mitts. Sparring, weight training with a partner is what keeps you pumped and motivated. Join a boxing gym today or better still, sign up for personal boxing training in Singapore. Learn about routines that suit your body. Boxing is a sport that will stay on your mind even after you leave the gym

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