What is intriguing about Boxers and their regimes?


They go through extraordinary extents and rigorous training. Boxing is not about fighting alone. It is a workout that boosts mental agility, improves focus and coordination, and blends aerobic and anaerobic exercise.


Boxing training is not only for the ring. It is a real-life skill that can help in numerous aspects of life. Our eating habits, lifestyles, and routines make us lethargic. Twenty minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the cycle and the other 20 with random exercises. You go back exhausted.


Forget the boring one-hour workout at the gym. Indulge in these workouts which will make you come back for more.


These are basic exercises one and all can do. If workouts in the Martial Arts entice your adrenaline, try Boxing.


Boxing includes all your basic workouts and more:

  • Heavy bag
  • Shadow boxing
  • Jumping rope
  • Weight training
  • Speed bag
  • Running
  • Stretching

Heavy Bag.

  • Start fight training and work your physique and weight loss starts gradually.
  • Hitting heavy bags build punching power and increase metabolism. It involves the legs and arms to power up and punches, in turn activating all the parts of your body. Sweat and see those fats burn like butter.
  • Workout: include legs, knees, and elbows to define your thighs and calves. Work in sets. Combination punches and kicks with shadow boxing or squats for 30-60 seconds. Repeat.  



Shadow Boxing.

  • Shadow boxing helps professionals loosen up joints and warm up before actual drills.
  • Basic knowledge of punching techniques and footwork can create a shadow boxing workout to aid weight loss. It is like fighting an imaginary opponent.
  • Workout: Throw combinations, change stance, work on your hip movements. Shadow Boxing is a package deal.

Jumping Rope.

We have all at some point had a jumping rope lying at home. Other than tripping over it multiple times. The benefits are it yields are humongous.

  • It is a conditioning exercise.
  • Continuous jumps and different levels of intensity make it a fantastic workout.
  • It works the entire body, the swinging action works on the forearms hands and wrists
  • The spring and light footwork improves balance, stance, and posture.  
  • Workouts: Shuffle your feet side to side and time yourself. Do a few two-or three-minute rounds, resting 30 to 60 seconds in between. Then proceed to multiple variations like Double-unders or two spins per jump.


Weight Training:

  • Weight training improves bone density
  • It builds lean muscles. Strengthens connective tissues and tendons.
  • Its trains your back and gives you posture.
  • It reduces stress and enhances the mood.
  • Workout: Indulge in high and low rep trainings for optimum results.

To build Muscle and Strength lift Lighter Weights and do more sets.

To build strength alone, lift heavy weights for few reps.

Speed Bag:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination, focus and punching speed.
  • It takes immense patience and practice to set a rhythm and work on a speed bag.
  • Workout: Once you are able to beat a speed bag continuously for over 2 minutes, it can become a part of your complex trainings.    


  • Running is a dynamic exercise. There are several variations. Jogging, slow runs, long & short strides, etc.
  • Running is an intense part of HIIT training program.
  • Workout: 5 minutes of warm-up and stretching. Start running at a regular pace for a minute, increasing the speed to your maximum capacity. Keep at it for a minimum of 20 seconds, gradually reduce the pace and slow down. Repeat. Continue for 15 – 20 minutes. Finish routine with 5 minutes of passive stretching.

So, look around your gym again. Indulging in fight training is easy. All you need is determination, grit, passion for pushing your limits and an excellent coach.

At KOS, coaches are trained and experienced to help you achieve your goals. The destination is not to win in the ring, it is to test your own capabilities and overcome your limitations.

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