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I’m sure more ladies clicked this article than the men! HAHA
In today’s blog, I’m going to share my experiences with female boxers and their skills in boxing.

So….. Can girls box ?

My answer is………. DEFINITELY YES! Infact some can do it better than guys!

Let me explain why……

1) Girls follow instuctions 100% 

Girls are generally great when they have to follow a set of instructions. Even in a classroom, the girls are usually the monitors/prefects obeying to rules and ‘following’ the set of rules. For the males, we are abit more curious and wanting to try out more than what is being taught to us. Therefore, the girls stick closely to what the coaches have taught them and patiently practice till they are taught a new drill.

2) Girls don’t ‘try’ to hit hard.

Girls dont try to force out power when they are learning the techiniques. However, for guys, especially beginners ‘try’ very hard to hit hard. Forcing so much of power that makes them more stiff and slow. They overlook the entire technique portion. Techniques first guys, power will follow later on!

3) Born with natural gracefullness 

I always advise all my female boxers not to try and box like a man. You ladies are blessed with natural gracefullness. Bring that gracefullness to boxing! I’m still trying to box gracefully in the ring, therefore do not lose that part of you. Muhammad Ali is known as ‘The Greatest’ not because he had great power, he is known because of his gracefullness during his fight. It looks like he’s dancing yet boxing.

So definitely you girls have more potential in boxing! Don’t even think this sport only belongs to man. You girls can rock in this sport too! My full support is for you girls!

& Not forgetting my dearest male boxers, I’m in the same circle as you guys! Like I always say, let’s teach and learn something from everyone! So there are few points for you guys to learn and notice from female boxers!

Coach Kumar

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