Hi Everyone!
In today’s article, we are looking at our Coach Khai who recently joined KOS’s Coaching Team.
Get to know his secrets!

1) Why did you pick up Boxing ?

I had bad temper issues when I was much younger. However, overtime I started looking at boxing as an art and realise its more than just venting out. I’m still training to test my limits to see how far I can go.

2) Who is your Favorite Boxer ?

Definitely the one & only IRON MIKE TYSON!  Whohoo!  During training he is a beast & during the fight he displays the beauty of the art. I’m still amazed how a heavyweight boxer can deliver destructive punches with that amazing speed!

3) What does KOS means to you ?

KOS is definitely a home to me, having both coaches guiding me through. There’s a special, heart warming vibe each time i enter the gym!

4) What makes up a good boxer according to you ?

Hmm… in short, a good boxer should always have the desire to improve each day. Not forgetting the consistency part too!

5) What keeps you going as a Coach each day ?

Seeing my trainees giving their all in every drill & exercise they do regardless of the intensity keeps me going and motivate me to do better as a coach.

6) Give a nickname to your coaching style ?

The ABS-olute Cardio Machine! (I had to name it for him! He’s someone who loves abs workout and doesn’t miss his 7am cardio every morning!)

7) A quote for our readers ?

“Those who rule with the left, will rule the world!” Says it with energy and a smile at the end.

8) What are the struggles you face as a Coach ?

Naturally I’m a quiet and happy go lucky person, however sometimes I do have to come out from that zone to be loud and firm while coaching.

9) Someone you look up to ?

Definitely that’s my mum. As a single parent, she took up full responsibility of the family and had to play dual roles as a mum & a dad too. She had to go to work and also take care of the family, really respected and learnt alot from her.

10) Share a secret about yourself.

I’m a good cook! & I love to cook! Love that feeling when someone enjoys my dish! Another secret would be, I love gaming too!

Get to know more about Coach Khai by striking a conversation in your next visit to KOS! See you guys!

Signing off with a fist-bump,
Coach Kumar

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