What is the difference between sparring and the actual match? The objective.

The objective for both are totally different, for the actual match, we go in to destroy the person infront of us. For sparring, the objective is to learn! Learn and let your opponent learn too.

So, what does sparring does? Why is it important ?

Sparring allows you to test out your skills which you have practiced through shadow boxing, pad work and even from hitting the bags. In sparring you have to react according to what your opponent has for you unlike what you do with the bags.

Only through sparring you will be able to tell if a particular set of techniques work. For example, at the bag you try out a combination of punches together with movements. It might work well on the bags and on the mitts, however only when you try to apply it during a sparring session you will know and understand whether it works or what other factors need to be taken into consideration before trying it again.

Do not be too afraid to try out new tricks and techniques during your next sparring session! That’s the point of it! Be confident and all will be fine!

Coach Kumar

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