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Let me share with you one of my favorite quote of all time, from the Legend himself. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

I can’t remember how I got to know this quote, but this has sunk very deeply into my mind. I used to remind this line to myself when I was training back then & even up to date when I’m trying out something new. Very frequently I get this question, “When am I going to learn the next Punch/Step/Technique/Strategy, Coach? “

& I believe almost all coaches from all sports will tell you, “Soon.. Master what you have learnt first.” I know what would run in your minds after that because I’ve been there before. I didn’t had the courage to ask my coach that question but I definitely got the answer for it over time.

In this post, we are gonna discuss on the importance of correct technique.

Similar to everyone, my first boxing training was about footwork. My Coach, T Balasundram from U2Can Boxing Gym, taught me the right stance in boxing and explained how important foot work is in boxing. After correcting me, he sent me in front of a mirror to practice my movements.

The same drill went on for WEEKS (Almost 2 months if I remembered correctly)! I had to report to training, warm up, circuit program and then practice my movements in front of the mirror. Back then, being a 13 year old teenager, I was frustrated. I am in boxing, but have not learn my punches yet, I even had a thought to stop attending the training. That’s when my coach came & told my footwork had improved and taught me my first few punches.

Throughout my boxing journey, I’ve been confident & proud of my footwork. Thanks to my coach and those ‘boring’ sessions in front of the mirror. When I was practicing, I didn’t realize the power of it, but it was a ‘Muscle-Memory’ training that help me till now. I’ve stopped training for about 5 years, but whatever I’ve learnt and trained is stored into my ‘Muscle Memory’. That’s the importance of correct technique!

What I have shared is just my personal experience. But it works for everyone and for all sports. Just like the saying goes, ‘Practice makes Perfect!”

So… Don’t be frustrated when you are told to do a same drill repeatedly. Remember the Bruce Lee quote and focus on your training! You might not understand it now, but you will when it naturally comes out during a sparring session!

Signing Off with a Fist Bump!
Head Coach Kumar

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