This is one equipment you’ll never miss in any Boxing movie or gym. This is also probably one of the cheapest yet necessary equipment in our sport, Boxing.

Skipping rope also known as the jump rope, is a great tool for boxing. It helps us to be more agile, enhances our endurance and also burns fat. We all would have tried skipping in our younger age, that’s because the skipping rope targets various fitness elements.

1) Trains your stamina!

Skipping would be a good gauge for you on your stamina, if you realise you’re gasing out in your first minute of skipping, then that’s your baseline you need to work from. You also can plan out a simple home workout with your skipping ropes trying out the various skipping styles. Competitive Boxers’ best friend is definitely a skipping rope! Various styles of skipping shown in the video below.

2) Develops better footwork and movement in the ring

Having issues staying on your toes ? Moving slower than your opponent around the ring ? Then grab a skipping rope immediately! Skipping trains your mind and body to stay hopping on your toes. If you can jump rope continuously, then staying on your toes and moving around shouldn’t be a big issue for you! It strengthens the muscles, such as your calf  and prevents you from staying still in the ring. Not forgetting the part where it trains your coordination too!

3) Burns CALORIES! 

Skipping is not only sport-related. It can be used to burn off great amount of calories! Do you know you can burn about 10-20 calories just by skipping for a minute ? Imagine how much you can burn if you can skip for 30 min! Still having doubts ? Try skipping 30 minutes each day for a week, you will definitely notice a difference. That’s how powerful that tiny rope is!

Many equipment have evolved for the past decade, but there is no substitute to skipping rope. You see boxers using the rope for warm-up/cool-down for their fights. The skipping rope also comes handy when they have a few kilos to cut before their weigh-in. Therefore, please do not overlook this particular training equipment! Never Skip you Skipping!

Signing off with a fist bump,
Coach Kumar

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