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We’re gonna look into a term that is being used in so many sports, Feint.
This term is used across many sports such as, Boxing, Football, Hockey, Handball and the list goes on…

In this post we shall look into WHY & HOW Feints work in Boxing. A simple term for Feinting would be ‘Faking’. In Boxing, Feints are maneuvers which are done to distract or mislead your opponents. Giving them an idea of you doing something but actually not doing that and something else happens.

There are examples in our tutorial video below on how simple feints can be done with your punches. Another variation of feinting would be using your foot work. Giving an idea to your opponent that you’re about to move to your left but moving off to your right with your front foot. (Might do a tutorial video on this soon!)

Feinting would be good if you’re fighting someone who’s putting a lot of emphasize on his/her defense. Faking your Jabs to understand what kind of defense your opponent is about to use and then Follow up or Counter with the most appropriate punches. This gives a ‘Surprise’ to your opponent. This kind of ‘Surprise Punches’ usually leads to Knockout or at least disrupts you opponent’s game plan for a while.

Just like stated in the title of this post, I personally feel that Feinting is one of the underrated movement in Boxing because it is so powerful yet boxers rarely use it. You can see these technique heavily used in professional fights & even in big amateur competitions such as Sea Games/Olympics.

Do try out this powerful movement in your next sparring session! You can even add in feints during shadow boxing so it comes out naturally rather than forcing it out (Which defeats the purpose of feinting).

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