Boxing and Muay Thai are both stand-up strike based combat styles. There are similarities. However, both are separate sports styles altogether. Wondering which sport to pick? This article might help.


Boxing dates back to 688BC originating in Greece is older than Muay Thai. The use of strikes with knees elbows and legs in Boxing is prohibited. Boxing uses footwork and defense like shoulder rolls, ducks and slips and strong jabs and hooks to defeat the opponent.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, the National Sport of Thailand. Known as “The Art of Eight Limbs.” Eight points in the body are used as weapons. Hands act as sword and dagger. The shins and forearms act as armor against strikes. The elbow acts as a hammer to strike opponents. The legs and knees act as an axe and staff. The entire body transforms into a lethal weapon. The history of this Combat art dates back to several centuries.

Both these styles rising in Singapore. Amateur Training and fights are in demand. It is no surprise; adults are turning to combat sports to activate their lifestyles. Let’s explore the differences among the two combat styles.


Boxing Muay Thai
  • Boxing uses hands, wrists, and knuckles to pack powerful punches.
  • The focus is the upper body. Boxing trains individuals to skilfully transfer energy from the foot to the fist. It involves mastering footwork and getting the stance right.
  • Is a more defensive style of sport
  • Boxing is fast paced with combinations and swift punches.
  • Muhammed Ali, Frazier, and Mike Tyson are remembered for their boxing tactics and speed even today.
  • Muay Thai focuses on using the limbs, shins, elbows, knees, and forearms as weapons.
  • This combat style trains instance, light footwork and basic punches. The tough training comes with hip flexibility, balancing elbow/ knee strengthening and the kicks.
  • It is an attack first style sport (offensive)
  • Muay Thai has tight combo strikes and then opponents retreat.
  • Saenchai is a living Muay Thai Legend
  • The stance is narrow and the distance between opponents is shorter.
  • Hands are kept close but high, at unequal heights for hand strike and defense.
  • The side stance reduces the chances of getting hit in the chest, stomach, and hips.
  • Footwork in boxing is like bobbing to a rhythm. To keep a light foot and balance the body weight for swift, back and forth and unpredictable movements.    
  • The stance is square with a longer distance among opponents.
  • Hands are up close and higher with elbows jutting out to attack first.
  • The square stance offers the fighter an opportunity to strike and counter kicks.
  • Footwork in Muay Thai is comparatively restricted. It is similar to taking strides. To balance well. The weight of the body is on the back foot, to lean and save oneself from strikes and forward when striking hard.   
  • Boxing may seem like a brutal sport. Instead, it turns out to be a self-defense style compared to others combat sports.
  • Duck, slip, bob, shoulder roll punches, parry and block punches, clinching, the side stance, circling the opponent are all, in fact, part of defensive moves.
  • Muay Thai is majorly an offensive combat style. Fighters do not dodge, instead, they only block.
  • For defense, they lean back or step away. They clinch, not to pause, but to knee the midsection.
  • Blocking punches with forearms and kicks with shins. These tactics absorb the attacks only to give them back, with power.
Body workout Though Boxing needs the upper body. The workout involves the entire body to train. Boxing intensely strengthens the shoulders arms and back. However, the sport takes power from the feet to the hand, thus turning it into a full body workout making you sweat those fats like water. Muay Thai works on every muscle of the body. It is a blend of cardio, strength, conditioning and endurance training. It gives your body definition. Makes your shins tough as iron. Turns your elbows and knees into rock-solid armor. It is indeed a high-intensity fat burning workout.

On one hand, Boxing gives you excellent punching skills, on the other Muay Thai gives you an advantage of Kicks. However, you cannot be an outstanding Boxer if you combine Muay Thai techniques in your training. However, you can be an Expert Muay Thai fighter if you inculcate Boxing in your training. Both forms need rigorous training before you step into the ring.


Again, whatever you choose to train in, the instructor plays a vital role. Start with Boxing. Train with the best at KOS.

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