The next hype match everyone is eagerly looking forward would be GGG vs CANELO 2. The first time they met ended in a draw. Both of them are exemplary boxers, but this time they are sure it wouldn’t be a draw.

Let’s take a look at both boxers.

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin a.k.a ‘GGG’

GGG garnered many’s attention due to his Aggressive yet Calm boxing style. He doesn’t waste his energy through his aggression and only bring that aggressive side when needed. Otherwise you see a very calm and composed boxer who’s always using his Jabs right with nice follow ups. Not forgetting his continuous Jabs, always staying busy.

He has great footwork which keeps him in balance all time. If you watched GGG’s matches, opponents might miss his Jabs, but he doesn’t lose his balance when that happens.  Another fight strategy GGG uses would be controlling a range with his opponents but still following through the opponent. For someone who has a good reach, he still brings the fight forward, that’s because of the confidence he has in his range and controls that very well.

Canelo Alvarez

Canelo is like a TANK. Very well protected with good defense, both hands always up. He’s well known for his counter, waiting for the right time. A boxer which follows the Study, Dominate & Destroy ideology. Most of us would have seen the match he had with Amir Khan. Even though Amir Khan was leading by points, he waited, studied and caught him at the right moment which ended the fight. He might not be the most active boxer, but very calm and steady boxer, who doesn’t waste his energy and applies a powerful sequence of combination once knowing his opponents well.


I’m personally a fan of Canelo Alvarez, I do advise my boxer to stay calm, wait and attack at the ‘right’ time, which is similar to his fight style. But I got to agree in the first match, GGG gave a tough time for Canelo by staying busy and bringing the fight forward.

I have a feeling GGG might dominate the fight this time. But I’m still gonna watch this match as a Canelo Fan! Enjoy the match guys!

Do leave your comments and let me know who you’re rooting for!

Signing off as a Canelo Fan,
Coach Kumar

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