The novel coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill, interrupting most of our daily activities. As the number of cases rises rapidly, the whole of humanity has been forced to adapt to this new norm. Who knew that wearing a mask would become a necessity these days?


Countries like Singapore have emerged out of their circuit breaker and are now in Phase 2. This means certain activities can be resumed and our fitness-deprived friends can finally hit the gym. Finally, after months of being a couch potato, there is some light at the end of the tunnel!


Does that mean that the pandemic is over? Absolutely not. Is it safe to go to the gym? Yes, provided you follow strict hygiene habits and rules that have been put in place for the control and prevention of coronavirus. 


In this blog, we will show you 7 good personal hygiene habits you must adopt to be able to train hard in your favourite gym and punch coronavirus hard in the face! (pun intended) 


1. Sanitize your hands upon entry and exit of the gym.


Regular handwashing with soap or an alcohol-based solution is extremely crucial, and for good reason. 


On your way to the gym, you may have come into close contact with hundreds of people, and even held onto the handrail while standing in the bus or MRT. These are frequently touched objects and for all you know, you might just carry the virus along with you to the gym, putting many others at high risk.


At the same time, you should also avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your unwashed hands. The virus enters our body through respiratory droplets and hence, these mediums are the most susceptible.


Keep your hands sanitized at all times, and that will reduce the risk of coronavirus substantially.


2. Practice safe distancing.


“Safe distancing” has really become a buzz phrase since the introduction of this pandemic. We see it literally everywhere. But its importance cannot be emphasized enough. 


Safe or social distancing is paramount because coronavirus spreads very easily through physical contact from person to person. Doing otherwise poses a huge risk to not only yourself but also to whoever you come into contact with after that.


A humble Namaste when greeting your gym partners, instead of your usual handshakes and bro-fists, can go a long way in preventing the spread of the virus. Maintain at least a 1m safe distance with one another at all times be it for a running event or any group exercise. Have a 2-3m gap from each other when working out. 


Reduce socializing when at the gym. Hit the gym for what it’s actually for, hard and safe.


3. Bring your own boxing gloves, wraps, and workout kit.


If you’re heading over to a boxing gym to train your punches or even a regular gym to do weight training, it is highly recommended to bring your own boxing gloves, mats, towel, water bottle, etc.


Most gyms would be doing their due diligence in ensuring their gym is well sanitized throughout the day. However, bringing your own workout kit would give you that extra confidence in safety from the potential transmission of the virus. 


For instance, simply bringing your own water bottle would significantly reduce the risks. Directly drinking from the water coolers in gyms would put you in close contact with other people who may have used it too. Always remember safe distancing!


4. Disinfect any equipment before and after using it.


Imagine the number of people using gym equipment, their sweat dripping as they push themselves. That should be enough to conjure up a disgusting image of a hotbed of germs. 


From treadmills to dumbbells and bench press stations, these are high-risk zones. Frequently touched areas like such gym equipment is the perfect environment for germs and viruses to manifest and grow.  


According to the Health Department, all gyms must take the necessary precautionary measures, which include providing sanitizing sprays that users should use before using equipment, as well as after. To that end, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your own small bottle of sanitizer and apply it as you exercise. 


Keeping the gym, yourself, and others safe from coronavirus is that simple. 


5. Coughing or sneezing with a tissue or covering with your elbow (not your hand).


Well, if you’re feeling even a little unwell, you should be staying home.


In the case where you do have to cough or sneeze, do not cover it with your hands! Instead, keep a packet of tissue in handy or use your elbow. Using your hands will make things extremely messy, as you may go on to place your hands on many frequently touched objects. 


As gyms have many high-touch zones, the spread of germs and viruses can be very rapid. Hence, this hygiene habit is extremely crucial in preventing further spread of the coronavirus in the gym.


6. Wear a mask at all times unless working out.

Wearing a mask has become mandatory whenever you step outside your house. And this rule should be followed at the gym as well.


In the gym, people are sweating profusely and breathing heavily, especially in between exercises while resting. That is when respiratory droplets from our breath could travel through the air and affect other people around us. 


Wearing a mask while resting or waiting for an equipment would keep you and others safe from potential virus transmission through respiratory droplets. 


7. Ensure your gym is taking the necessary measures.


Singapore has issued stern rules and regulations that have to be abided by all gyms in ensuring a safe and sanitized environment for members. 


Still, you could contact your gym beforehand and gather information on what measures they are taking during this pandemic. Ask them if all the gym equipment is regularly sanitized, whether or not there are sanitary wipes and spray available, if there is a quota on the maximum users allowed into the gym at any given time, as well as if they allow for contactless payment.


Have peace of mind and confidence before you decide whether your gym is safe or not.


Even with all these hygiene habits, we have to keep in mind that there are still risks involved. However, the more precautions we take for ourselves, the more we can keep ourselves and those around us safe. 


At King of Strength (KOS), we are diligent in keeping our spaces and equipment sanitized for our fellow boxers. Book your classes in advance through our website, take your temperature and scan the SafeEntry QR code to have a powerful and safe workout session at KOS!





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