The circuit breaker period was extremely slow and frustrating for many Singaporeans, especially the gym-goers amongst us. However, that is behind us now, as we all strive to adapt to the new normal and resume activities as usual.


Through press releases, the Singapore government has been giving us the latest updates on the COVID-19 cases islandwide. We have entered Phase 2 of our post coronavirus lockdown since June 2020, as the COVID-19 infections begin to stabilise. 


While travellers entering Singapore, for instance, may still have to serve their stay home notice (SHN), businesses in Singapore itself are finally opening up to the public to resume operations. This means that people can now go back to their fitness regimes at their gyms and other leisure centres as well. 


Just like how employers must ensure strict measures at the workplace are being maintained for any business, here at King of Strength (KOS), we are no different. We strongly believe in creating a safe environment and experience for our gym members.


Keeping in mind the requirements for safe management measures during this trying period, KOS has prepared a set of updates for our members.

7 Safety Measures & Updates By KOS.


1. Booking System
  • Keeping each class to just 5 pax with 1 coach/fitness instructor.
  • To reduce physical interaction that will be more in a larger group setting, decreasing the risk of contracting the coronavirus.
2. Temperature Screening
  • Compulsory temperature taking for everyone including coaches/fitness instructors.
  • The temperature will be taken for all members upon entry at KOS gym.
  • High temperature is one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, hence do make sure you are feeling well before arriving at the gym.
3. Sanitizer
  • Sanitizer is applied to everyone who steps into the gym.
  • Spray bottles of sanitizers and cloths are kept all around the gym for members to wipe clean gym equipment before and after using it. 
  • Gyms are a hotbed for germs as the sweat of many users gets accumulated on gym equipment. 
  • Sanitizing equipment will reduce the risks of contracting the coronavirus.
4. Safe Distancing Measures
  • Training is planned in such a way that everyone is at a safe distance from each other.
  • Punching bags, mitts workout area, etc have been rearranged to be at a safe distance from each other.
  • This is to ensure that not many people are gathered in a specific location of the gym at any given time.
5. More Classes
  • From 4 classes per day, we will now be having 6 classes per day, each with a duration of 45 minutes.
  • Having more classes each day to cater to everyone due to the limitation on class size.
  • With more classes, there are more timings for members to choose from, promoting flexibility.
6. Online Training
  • Online training occurs 4 days a week, twice each day.
  • This is to ensure that members work out regardless of getting a slot at the gym/they are working out from home.
  • Eg. MINIMUM “3”, RUNNING IS THE KEY, MAXIMUM “3”, ARMstrong Madness, etc.
7. Promotions
  • KOS has also extended promotions, such as PADWORK of 10 rounds for $45. 



While these safety protocols are set to ensure a safe environment for people to work out in our gym, we must remember that these measures do not give us 100% protection from COVID-19. Each individual has his/her own responsibility in ensuring others’ safety, along with their own. 


Do remember to wear a mask when you are not working out in the gym. Practice good personal hygiene. Limit interactions and maintain proper social distancing. 


Should the number of confirmed cases for COVID-19 stabilize and improve further, we will be making the necessary adjustments for our members. We will release updates as time passes. In the meantime, continue to stay fit and healthy in a safe manner.




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