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There have been many inquires regarding KOS’s Meltdown Programme, therefore I thought of giving some clarification through this blog post.

Who are supposed to sign up for this programme ?
Anyone! Basically anyone who is there having difficulty in losing weight or even to reduce body fat percentage. Regardless of the reason, as long your goal is to reduce the fat percentage, this programme is for you!

Why this programme, when there are so many other weight loss programmes online ?
Yeah, BINGO! There are millions of such programmes out there, I’m not denying or going to comment on any of those programmes, they might or might not work. However, this is going to be different because this is going to be relatable! I have taken into consideration factors such as time-constraint, diet, budget and many more which is of concern due to our lifestyle in Singapore.

When will this Programme commence ?
There will be a 30 minutes workshop conducted by me on Sunday, 9th September 2018 at 11.30am. The objective of this workshop is to share what would be the plan for the next 6 weeks in detail. Participants can bring in all their questions to clarify. There will be tons of weight loss tips to be shared here!

How will this Programme work ?
Hmm…. That’s actually a secret. I’ll give a small hint though, we are not just going to be focusing on temporary weight loss that just shows you results for days and weeks. We are targeting a lot of Metabolism Training and enhancement that would help you keep in shape even after that! Ooops, a little too much of information leaked. 

If you haven’t register for this programme, then you should! Don’t miss this chance. Its a great weight loss method tried and tested out by myself. I’m very sure it would benefit you too! Take a look at this video below!

“A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish.”

Signing Off with A Fist Bump,
Coach Kumar

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    How much is this program