Good day to you guys!

How have things been?
If everything has been good, then go & train!
If things has been bad, then train harder!

What I’m trying to imply here is, make training into a lifestyle.
Just like how we go to work & school, dedicate an hour to working out. Working out should not be a punishment, it should be part of your life, looking forward.

Today’s post is about a ‘Magic Fruit’ which can aid in this active lifestyle which we all are aiming towards!



1) Bananas can be a great Pre-Workout & Post-Workout Meal!

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, which is the primary source of energy for your body. Some of you guys might feel you do not have enough energy to pull through training or feeling very weak after training. This could be due to low energy levels which might be a cause of dieting (Low Carb Diet). Therefore, having a banana before your workout would ensure your body uses the ‘banana’ as a form of energy. It would also be good to have it after your workout, as it can be used as a form of replenishing the burned energy from your body. Basically you can have a banana anytime of the day!

2) Easy storage : Stock it up right now!

I personally feel bananas are easy to handle. Unlike some fruits where you need to store them in a refrigerator. You can get a comb of bananas at home, & just pluck one before you head to work. It stays fresh in your bag, and you can just have it before your workout or even when you feel hungry. Fun Fact: King of Strength always packs bananas when heading out for boxing matches, it easy and always ready when our boxer needs to consume it!

3) Loaded with Potassium!

Potassium is a salt which plays several role in relation to exercise. One main role it would be muscle contraction. Lack of potassium in the body can cause adverse effects such as, muscle cramping, muscle weakness, fatigue and heart palpitations. Potassium is lost through sweat, therefore, having a banana before your workout can ensure that your body is stored with enough potassium.

4) Protects & Improves Neurological Health

You often hear people saying, “Boxing injures your brain, cause you get a lot of hitting on the head”. Have a banana right in front of them! Haha, Bananas aid in delivering oxygen to your brain keeping your mind sharp, also improves the ability to focus and even prevent age related cognitive declines in memory. Let’s prevent Dementia, and continue boxing always! 

5) Strengthens Immune System

You do not want to workout hard for 2 days and falling sick for the remaining 5 days! Bananas doesn’t let you do that! Bananas have essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which ensures that the immune system is working properly! This way your immune system is well protected!


I’m officially the ambassador for Bananas from this moment!
Haha, Hope you guys would add bananas into your diet (Or your milkshake)!

Signing off with a Fist Bump!
Head-Coach Kumar

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