Each of us have a fitness goal in mind. Let it be weight loss, muscle building, sports enhancement etc, we all NEED this magic substance which is being overlooked by many of us, WATER. Drinking water is the most important piece to our fitness goal puzzle.

Water makes up a majority of our body weight & is involved in many important functions in our body. We shall look into the benefits of drinking the right amount of water.

1) Regulates Body Temperature

This is the most important point, especially in Singapore, when we are living in such a hot climate.  Body temperature plays a major role in fitness elements such as muscle contractions, joints flexibility and even your heart rate when working out. The only ways to get rid of the heat from our body is through perspiration and urination. Therefore, you have to ensure you have enough water to keep your body temperature under control.

2) Flushes Toxins From Kidney

When we were young, we all were taught to check if we were drinking enough water through the color of our urine. Reason being, we’ll know how much of toxins we are flushing out from the body. Higher water intake increases the flow of water in your body and to your organs (eg. Kidney). This allows the kidney to wash off and bring the toxins out from your body.

3) Reduces Fat Percentage

There are many studies to prove that water spikes up metabolism & improves your fat burning rate. There is a great scientific explanation for it, however I’ll do a simplified explanation. Metabolizing fat (Breaking down fat) is a primary function of the liver, however the liver can only focus on its job if the kidney does it’s job. Like mentioned above, Kidney flushes off the toxins away with the help of water. When there isn’t enough water in the body, Kidney is unable to do its job alone and liver comes in to help. Therefore, Liver can’t be focusing on metabolizing the fat!

Water as a Sports Drink

The importance of water in nourishing the body cannot be understated.  And in the context of athletic performance and hydration during sports, there’s further merit in drinking water that’s treated such as Alkaline Water.

Alkaline Water is normal water that’s alkalised thereby helping in neutralising body acidosis.  This delivers a slew of benefits to the human body as depicted in this infographic published by local Water Company AOX Water.

I hope this post have convinced you to drink water throughout the day! You don’t wait till you are thirsty, its too late by then! You gotta have your bottle beside you all the time!

Signing off…
Coach Kumar!

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