Hello everyone!

It’s time you got to know a little bit more about Coach Ravi.
He joined our family in January this year.

We got him to answer a few questions. Enjoy 😉

1) Why did you pick up Boxing?

I started boxing because I wanted to learn a form of self-defence.

2) Who is your Favourite Boxer?

I don’t have a favourite boxer. But if I have to really pick one person, it would be Sugar Ray Leonard because of his incredible footwork, fast combinations & power.

3) What does KOS mean to you?

KOS has always given me alot ever since the day I joined them as a trainee. KOS will always be my happy place regardless of what the future may hold for me.❤

4) What makes up a good boxer according to you?

To be a good boxer you need to master your basic foot work, have fast hands and a good fitness level.

In my opinion, you need to have a STRONG HEART especially if you are planning to compete. You need to have the heart to fight and go forward, no matter how many times you get knocked down. That STRONG HEART is what will get you going, when the going gets tough. 💪🏼🥊🔥

5) What keeps you going as a Coach each day?

The trainees are the main reason I keep pushing myself to be a better Coach everyday. Seeing them achieve their goals and get stronger day by day gives me a sense of happiness.

6) Give a nickname for your coaching style?

The Motivating Coach. I choose this because I always push my trainees to not only be a better boxer in the ring but to also be a fighter in life. Also, to constantly push themselves and never give up no matter what life throws at them.

7) A quote for our readers?

Why stop with one? Haha. I always tell myself these 3 things:
• “Be stronger than yesterday.”

• “Sweat more in training so that you don’t bleed in combat.”

• “Don’t go looking for war but if it comes to you, face it head on.”

8) What are the struggles you face as a Coach?
Trainees not giving their best during training even though they can do it.

9) Someone you look up to?

I look up to my father a lot because when I was young he taught me to face my problems no matter how big they were.

10) Share a secret about yourself.
I am camera shy. Tell me to get in the ring and fight someone, I will do it without hesitation or fear regardless of what the outcome might be.

But tell me to take a picture or a video, I actually get very nervous and become very cautious of my surroundings haha

I hope you enjoyed getting know Coach Ravi. Next time you see him in the gym, don’t be shy to strike a conversation with him. Just don’t go with a camera in your hand (;

Signing off with a fist bump,

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