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There are so many questions when it comes to boxing training, therefore I hope this post would be an eye-opener to many. Please do feel free to drop us a message if we missed any of your questions.

1) BOXING ?! Will I get punched on my face ? 

NOOO! There’s a lot more to boxing than just punching each other’s face. HAHA. Please do understand, Boxing is an Art. You’ll have to go through and learn through so much before even stepping into a sparring session. We also do understand that some of you guys are not interested to compete, so our coaches will definitely not just throw you into the ring to get punched. Please understand that Boxing can be used as a fitness tool to achieve your goals.

2) Will I be able to lose weight through Boxing ?

There’s no way you’ll not lose weight during an intense boxing regime. In order to lose weight, apart from dieting, CARDIO IS A MUST! And those who do boxing will realize Boxing is a great cardio workout as it keeps your mind occupied and busy that you won’t even realize the time is up! (Great for those who feel runs are BORINGG!) Additional tip : Those who have trained at KOS, will definitely know that you’ll be able to perspire so much due to our COOLING GYM! LOL

3) How often should I train ?

It’s just like the child asking the parent about how much should I study. The answer is, THE MORE THE BETTER. Honestly, it depends on your Goal and whether if you have a time frame to achieve your goal. For beginner boxers I recommend at least twice a week. For competitive boxers, at least 3-4 times a week.

4) Since its Western-Boxing, there won’t be any training for the legs ?

One of the most asked question! I wished they saw the amount of leg workouts done during our Strength & Conditioning Training! Guys, we don’t use our legs for kicking only, apart from that we need our legs to be as strong as our upper body. We use our legs for proper foot-work, to duck, to move away from our opponent & most importantly we use the strength of the lower body to transfer the power to the punch. That explains why Boxers do rounds after rounds of skipping! Tip : want better punch power? TRAIN YOUR LEGS!

5) I’m afraid if my kid learns boxing, he/she will punch someone outside ?

Before even learning the first punch of boxing, we instill discipline in them first. At KOS, we believe if discipline is there, learning becomes smoother. Like I mentioned above, Boxing is a beautiful art. Please do not mix it up with violence. We want to emphasize that Boxing helps to control on your anger management, disciplinary issues and its a great way to relieve stress! You can call us to enquire more about our boxing classes for kids in Singapore

6) Girls can do Boxing? 

To be honest, girls make up great boxers! They have something which almost all guys lack. GRACEFULNESS! Girls who do boxing, do remember not to lose that part of you. That makes boxing more of an art. Fun Fact : For those who trained at KOS, Our Female Boxer Kay was the sparring partner for all our male competitive boxer and she gave them a tough time in the ring! 

7) Does Weight Training slow me down?

Weight training definitely is important for boxing. Even our competitive boxers go through a weight training phase as a part of training plan. Weight training generate explosive power and helps to improve muscle endurance. However, the issue is when boxers spend too much time focused on aesthetics and adopt a bodybuilding type focus. Its not wrong to have a bodybuilding type of a workout, just ensure you watch your posture and prevent yourself from injuries! Tip : Please do your cool down & stretch after your weight training to prevent tightness.

8) How long do I have to learn Boxing to master it ?

Boxing is a never ending journey, you shouldn’t look forward to ending the course but enjoy and have a continuous learning experience. Keep having small goals to keep you motivated and looking forward to learn more. Another tip would be to record your Pad work/Sparring videos to compare and understand how much you have improved or how much you have to improve. 

Whhooohooo, completed the MOST-FREQUENTLY asked questions of the year! Ask me more questions and I’LL TURN INTO HULK!

Joking guys! LOL

Sorry if I’ve missed out some of your questions! Feel free to drop us a message @KingofStrength and I will try my very best to answer it! If there’s too many, there might be a PART 2 COMING…………


Head-Coach Kumar

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