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Usually, the coaches would be the one asking you questions to know more about you and your goals. Therefore, I decided to get them to answer some of my questions which would allow you to know them better!

This post is about COACH KRISHNA!

 1) Why did you pick up Boxing ?

I used to play many other sports such as, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball etc. But I was hooked to boxing for its high intensity & the ‘Smartness’ required for that sport. It got me even more interested to continue here.

2) Who is your Favorite Boxer ?

Haha, I don’t really follow up with boxers. I just watch videos, but recently I’ve been watching a lot of Mike Tyson videos & became his fan.

3) What does KOS means to you ?

Hmm… I actually started off as a regular intern, looking forward to finish it with a good note. However, during this process the people I’ve met through coaching made me realise that this is definitely more than just finishing it up. I felt that this place was more like a home than just work. Thanks to my colleagues for making me feel such! Fun fact : Coach Krishna was almost kicked out during his internship, but he definitely proved himself and standing as one of the most favorite coach at KOS Boxing Gym today. 

4) What makes up a good boxer according to you ? 

A strong mindset, good fighting spirit, never dying willpower & sportsmanship will make up a good boxer, I believe. Fun fact : I’ve trained Coach Krishna for his fights, & trust me he has everything he mentioned, especially the never dying willpower.

5) What keeps you going as a Coach each day ?

The trainees & their goals! I try my best to cater to each individual trainee and their own fitness goal. Therefore, I take it as a challenge & look forward to come up with different exercises and ideas to help them in this process. And of course, seeing them finally achieving their goals make me even motivated and wanting to continue this journey as a coach.

6) Give a nickname to your coaching style ?

Hahah! Maybe I should call myself, ‘The Quiet One!’ He said it with a smirk on his face!

7) A quote for our readers ?

Every training is tough but you have to be prepared to die & you’ll stand up stronger to fight.

8) What are the struggles you face as a Coach ?

When I really want to help someone, but they don’t give me their 100%.

9) Someone you look up to ?

Coach Kumar. I look up to him as a Coach & a person who guides, something like an elder brother. He gave me the drive to reach further heights & ensured I never gave up. FACT : I didn’t ask him to mention my name! LOL

10) Share a secret about yourself.

I’m a game freak. Fun Fact : Want to irritate Coach Krishna ? Disturb him while he plays his favorite game, Mobile Legends -.-

Hope you guys got to know more about Coach Krishna! I got another information about him, for those who do not know him, HE IS A CHILD SPECIALIST! All young boxers of KOS Boxing Gym are Fans of our Coach Krishna! Keep going & Keep inspiring Coach!

Signing off with a fist-bump,

Coach Kumar

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