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Hope everyone of you are doing great! If not, I believe this post would give you some motivation to pick yourself up!

This post is about one of Singapore’s best national boxers, Mohamed Hanurdeen Bin Hamid.  These are some of his achievements,

  • 2017 SEA Games, 52kg Flyweight – Bronze
  • 2015 SEA Games, 52kg Flyweight – Silver
  • 2013 North Sulawesi Cup, Indonesia – Gold
  • 2013 Kuala Lumpur City Cup – Silver
  • 2012 Penang International – Gold
  • 2010 Penang International – Gold
  • 2010 Sijori Invitational Championship, Singapore – Gold

I’ve personally known Hanurdeen, at the year of 2008. I saw him at U2CAN Boxing Club, the dedication that I saw then and even up to date has never gotten any lesser. He was and still is a role model for many who steps into the sport. Apart from his sporting achievement and journey, I truly look up to this friend of mine for his humbleness. Fun Fact: You can consider me a true fan of him. Always looking forward for his fights.

This is one thing everyone should learn from him. Let it be in any sport & even in life, Be Humble. That explains the title of this post, Humble Hero. Let’s have a chat with him guys!

1) Hi Hanurdeen! At what age did you pick up Boxing ? & Why Boxing in Particular ?

Hi Readers! I picked up boxing at the age of 13. My elder brother was into boxing too, back then he was competing in a local tournament and also insisted  I join the same club as him, ‘U2CAN’ to keep myself occupied and stay out of trouble as I was quite mischievous in my younger days.

2) You have been training for about 12 years, what keeps you going ?

I just love the sport too much and enjoy every aspect of it. Sometimes it can be physically and mentally draining especially when I’m training twice a day but I constantly remind myself of my goals & that itself keeps me going again!

3) Your achievements have been impressive, but what is your next goal/target ?

My main goal would be qualifying and producing results in the major games such as, SEA Games, Commonwealth, Asian, Olympics etc. But right now, I’m focusing more on my upcoming local & international tournaments which will be a good stepping stone towards my main goal.

4) Are there any obstacles that you faced or still facing in this journey ?

I always believe that to produce results in the major games, I’ve to devote myself 100% into my sport. I’ll have to train full-time and it has been very difficult financially. I’m truly thankful to my current sponsors SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL who came forward to support my dreams and ease of my burdens.

5) Who do you consider as a role model & why?

One of my favourite fighter/role model is Manny Pacquiao. I’ve always admired him for his hard work, humbleness & the milestones he has achieved despite all the setbacks that came his way. I’m extremely elated to have gotten a chance to speak to him over the phone once! One of the best feeling ever!

6) What advice would you give someone who just picked up the sport ?

Well… I always tell myself, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”. So be passionately driven and don’t take success to the head. Most importantly, enjoy the sport!

7) Ahh! Now our Favourite! Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I love to learn & practice new card tricks, then try it on my team mates when we travel! (Answers this with a smirk!)

8) Personally which is your favourite punch & why ?

I’ve been told by a couple of coaches that i have a good jab. On top of that, I feel that it comes naturally for me. The Jab is a great starter which allows me to set up all my combos too!


That was a great chat Champ! Thank you for your time! Keep doing what you do best!

& For the rest of the readers, I hope that you learn something from Hanurdeen. My personal favourite, was the advice about not letting the success to head. That’s truly important to go the distance in anything and everything you do!

Catch up with you guys soon!

Signing off with a Fist Bump!

Head-Coach Kumar!

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