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The previous post was about our Coach Krishna, now time to interview Coach Karthick! People even think twice to approach him due to his fierce looks & rough tone. Therefore this post would allow you to know more about our ‘Gentle Giant’.

This post is about COACH KARTHICK!

1) Why did you pick up Boxing ?

I started Kickboxing at the age of 7 as I was getting bullied in school. I thought Kickboxing would be great as self-defense. I eventually continued to get fitter &  started to compete and became a National Kickboxer. Through cross-training, I picked up Boxing and started coaching. Do you guys believe that he got bullied? Haha! Now he bullies everyone! Even me!  


2) Who is your Favorite Boxer ?

James Tony! I admire his style and fighting techniques. He might not be known to many, but he’s a great boxer! You guys should take a look at some of his videos.

3) What does KOS means to you ?

KOS is like home to me & the people here are like my family. In fact I’ve never swept the floors in my house but i do sweep the gym and I do take pride in that! I’ve also seen blood, sweat & tears of boxers through my journey & that makes this place more closer to me.


4) What makes up a good boxer according to you ? 

A good boxer is made up of good attitude, discipline & of course listening to what the coaches advise. Basically they should be ready to make sacrifices!

5) What keeps you going as a Coach each day ?

That view of a KOS Boxer’s arm being raised. I visualize that each day to keep me going.

6) Give a nickname to your coaching style ?

Hmm, I can’t think of any actually. Maybe I’ll call myself a ‘Treasurer’.

7) A quote for our readers ?

“You won’t die from a tough training! You got to get up stronger and fight harder!”


8) What are the struggles you face as a Coach ?

Creating new and fun exercises for our people! That really requires a lot of creativity! GRR!

9) Someone you look up to ?

My grandmother! She’s someone who wasn’t educated but came a long way in life and fought all kinds of struggles. I’ve never seen her even thinking of giving up no matter how tough the situation gets. Learnt how to overcome hurdles in life from her. Truly look up to her.

10) Share a secret about yourself.

I’m a cartoon lover! Most favorite cartoon? Tom & Jerry! Shocking! Another secret I know about him, He loves to draw! 


Hope you got to know more about our Coach Karthick! For those who were too afraid of him, all you got to do is to pick up a cartoon topic and approach him! LOL

Signing Off….with a fist bump obviously….

Coach Kumar


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