Hi guys!

I’m writing to you guys after some time. Sorry about the gap. I just came back from a trip, Sydney.


It was a 10 day trip, went there for a course and of course to also have a break. I’m feeling so refreshed from the trip and therefore I’ve decided to write about how important is it to take a break, from a busy life & also Sports.

Most of us are having a routine lifestyle here in Singapore. Trying our level best to juggle our time, responsibilities, work, friends etc. The list goes on and on….

This ‘Juggling’ process could lead to frustrations at some point of time. That ‘Frustration’ would lead to breakdown and obviously affecting the quality of life. But how is this related to FITNESS OR BOXING ??

Not only Boxing, but all sports out there have this term called burn off phase. Have you seen someone who used to be so good at a particular sport and then perform badly for the event? Have you seen a student studying so hard for a particular exam but not performing during the test? The most common one, Have you seen someone been so determined to be starting a fitness regime, posting out what they have trained, what they have for their diet but then stopping everything in a couple of weeks? That’s called BURN-OUT.

Why does this Burn out take place? 

1) Pushing yourself for a prolonged period

For example, when someone is preparing for his/her upcoming boxing competition. The back to back training could be intense. Due to other commitments, he/she might not be getting proper rest. When this continues for a long period, some tend to lose motivation for training. He/She is looking forward on finishing the training & competition rather than doing well.

2) OVER-Pushing yourself suddenly

Another example, someone who is wanting to lose weight, he/she wakes up one day and changed the entire lifestyle. Working out twice a day and have very strict meals, counting calories etc. This is too shocking for the mind, rather than a goal, it becomes a torture. Eventually, he/she starts to crave for unhealthy food and starts cheating on the routine.



The answer is in the title of this blog, TAKE A BREAK!

Let’s say you have been so strict with your workout regime for the past 5 weeks & have lost 5kg. Take a day off, have a “CHEAT MEAL”. Something that has been in your mind, something that you have been craving for. This would give you some kind of happiness, satisfaction & of course GUILT. Haha! But its really fine, you DESERVE it. Its just like give a reward to yourself for sticking to the plan. That “Cheat Meal” gives you an extra motivation to push for another 5 weeks! Fun Fact : I ate a bowl of Prawn noodle after sticking to a plan for a couple of weeks, and I still do remember how happy I felt when I was having that meal.

For those of you guys who have been training for a long period. I do advise my competitive boxers to take a complete 1/2 weeks off to give the body & the mind to recover completely. Also when they are back, I ensure I do start from a low to moderate intensity rather than continuing from where they left.

I hope this blog helps you guys to get some extra motivation from breaks just like I do. Just remember not to take a looooooonngggg break! It should just be a short and quick one to push you to further heights, in sports and in life.


Head-Coach Kumar

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